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Custom shaped mylar bags are currently a popular packaging for cannabis related products, with Oxygen/Light/Moisture barrier protecting your cannabis, stand out from the competition by making your product more visible while maintaining the quality of your product. Shaped pouches have enormous flexibility in terms of both shape and size. The shaped stand up pouch is convenient for liquids, pastes, powers, tablets, and other similar types of products.

Up to 10 colors, matte, gloss, de-metalized, unprinted finish
Custom shapes, sizes and features
Handles, round corner, zipper, window, spouts add upon request
The material can be made with clear, aluminum, or kraft paper
Both liquids, fluids, and solids can be packed with a shaped pouch
Leakage-proof, smell-proof, and high puncture resistance

Our Products - Shaped Pouches

The two types of printing for shaped pouches are digital print and rotogravure print.

At Honest, digital print can be used for up to 500 pouches, while rotogravure print can be used for up to 5,000 pouches.

This depends on if the plastic or paper strategy is being used.

For the former, printing effects like matte and gloss can be used, for the latter, Kraft paper printing is possible, as well as foil sampling, which is perfect for brand design.

The production of shaped pouches is from various layers of plastics, and this majorly is the raw material that is being utilized in its production.

The plastics used are resins that are made of polyester, polypropylene, polyethylene, and more.

Normally it is made of laminated material.

As a professional shaped pouch manufacturer, Honest Packaging offers durable and high barrier printing of about 10 colors on shaped pouches.

Custom shapes, sizes and features, Pouch shapes and sizes can be completely customized to your specifications:
Convex shapes provide an ergonomic design that’s easy to grip
Hourglass shapes are ideal for liquids
Rounded corners are perfect for children and infants
Handles and grab-holds for the active consumer
Built-in spouts eliminate the need for a straw

Pouch TypeIndustries & Applications
Dispenser Tip Pouch
Also known as: liquid pack, gel pack, gel pouchIdeal for dispensing liquids, gels, pastes. Withstands high temperatures, (up to 250° F for 55 minutes) for hot fill
Energy Gel, Essential Oils, Spreads and Butters, Epoxy, Pastes, Glues, Aggressive Chemical Compounds (such as petroleum distillate)
Peelable Foil Patch
Also known as chevron pouches, foil to foil pouchWhite & Silver Peel Pouch with Chevron seal. High barrier material; easy to open.
Pharmaceuticals, Sterile Tissue, Coated Products, Moisture Sensitive Devices
Cone Shaped Pouch
Also known as: popcorn bag, candy bag, frosting bag2 Stock Sizes; Food-grade.
Food & Craft Applications: Popcorn, Candy, Cake Decorating, Guacamole, Snack Bags, Gift Bags, Decorative Packaging
Home Plate Pouch
Also known as pointed zipper bag and triangle pouchZipper pouch with pointed end. Tamper evident. Small “palm” size.
Food & Pharmaceuticals
Circle Pouch
Also known as round pouchRound mini pouch with tear notch, small sample size / single use pouch
Pharmaceuticals, Supplements, Food & Candy
Tuscan Pak
Also known as Etruscan pouch, oil sampleUnique shaped pouch designed for olive oil samples
Olive Oil Sampler Pack
Breath Bag
Also known as collection bag, breath sample bagCollection card/ bag for medical analysis
Medical: Hospitals, Labs, Clinics
Flower Pouch
Also known as Stand Up Pouch Vase
Florists, Gift Shops

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