Custom Digital Printed Weed Bags

Custom Weed Bags for Your Cannabis

“I’m selling the best marijuana”, how to tell cannabis consumers this in an increasingly competitive marketplace?

Custom printed Mylar bags can help cannabis manufacturers get an eye-catching product with cost-effective & well-designed packaging.

Your Custom Smell Proof Weed Bags also needs to offer maximum protection to maintain freshness and extend shelf life.

Honest will provide you with the most suitable packaging solution.

If you don’t have a design, we offer a variety of free designs to help you showcase your products, Stand-up Bags, Shaped Pouches, 3 Side Seal Pouches, or Stocked Cannabis Bags, there’s always something to suit your needs.

Find the Right Size for Your Cannabis Pouches

Based on different volumes:

3.5g 7g 14g 28g 1/8oz 1/4oz 1oz 1pound

Shaped Bags, Child Resistant, Soft Touch, etc.

MOQ: ≥500

Digital Printing

Personalized Art Design

Digital Printing: Free Plates

Quick Delivery: 5-14 days

Low MOQ: 500


We specialize in innovative, visually appealing smell proof, leak proof, high quality packaging to boost your products’ visibility and profitability.


3 Side Seal bags: For small sizes, with aluminum foil on one side and clear on the other, a bag with a normal zipper is the best choice.

Stand up pouches: The pouch can stand on the shelf conveniently. Most customers will choose child-resistant zippers, which are easy to open and keep fresh for a longer time in a vacuum environment.

Shaped Bags: According to your design, we can customize bags of various shapes to attract more attention from consumers.

Material Option

Generally, when it comes to the choice of cannabis bags, the public is more inclined to choose those containing aluminum foil.

Aluminum foil has better water resistance and smell proof, oxygen isolation performance;

Aluminum foil packaging can keep the product fresh longer;

Typically in two or three layers of material, preferably one layer contains aluminum foil.

Order Your Custom Cannabis Packaging Pouch in 3 Easy Steps:

1. Choose the style and optional features of the bag you want

Not sure which style is right for you? Contact our sales team and we will get you a quote as soon as possible.

2. Submit and approve your artwork

Already have artwork, you can send it to us.
Start from scratch? Our in-house design team helps get your product ready. Contact our design team now!

3. We manufacture and ship them, you’ll love your new bag!

We offer super-fast turnaround! Sometimes, you can even get your shipmentd within weeks of artwork approval.

WeightStand Up Zipper Bag3 Side Seal Zipper Bag

Cannabis bags for Christmas in stock

We design and produce many cannabis bags to help your cannabis products become more popular at Christmas, of course you can also choose to use your own design for custom printing, either way we will help your product be a success.

Custom Printed Stand Up & Shaped Smell Proof
Weed Bags Cannabis Pouches Marijuana Packaging

Choose the most suitable material for your cannabis packaging (often including aluminium) and special finish to make your product even better(like matt pouches, metallic pouches, holographic pouches), then contact us to help you make it a reality. Contact our team of experts and design experts to provide you with a one-stop solution.




Weight / Remarks


Lay Flat with Zipper

Standard Zipper

Dime Bags / Pills


Lay Flat

Child Resistant Zipper

1 g


Lay Flat No Features


3 g / 1/8 oz


Stand Up Pouch

Child Resistant Zipper

3 g / 1/8 oz


Stand Up Pouch

Standard Zipper

7g / 1/4 oz


Stand Up Pouch

Child Resistant Zipper

7g / 1/4 oz


Stand Up Pouch

Standard Zipper

14g / 1/2oz


Stand Up Pouch

Child Resistant Zipper

14g / 1/2oz


Stand Up Pouch

Standard Zipper

28g /1oz


Stand Up Pouch

Child Resistant Zipper

28g / 1oz


Stand Up Pouch

Child Resistant Zipper

Exit Bag


Stand Up Pouch

Standard Zipper

1 pound – Tall Version


Stand Up Pouch

Standard Zipper

1 pound – Wide Version

Separate your weed products from the crowd with custom Marijuana packaging. We offer a variety of quality cannabis packaging options ready for customization.

3 Side Seal Cannabis Bags
3 side seal pouches are a fantastic choice for cannabis product when you do not need the product to sit on a shelf.
3-Seal Pouches in a bottom load configuration load super fast, you don’t have to mess with the zipper, and the top of the bag comes pre-sealed from our factory, so it can reduce your loading and packing time.

Stand Up Marijuana Bags
The Stand Up Pouch is sealed on three sides. Stand Up Pouches are great for cannabis and edibles. They allow your product to stand up on a display shelf. We also offer a wide selection of sizes and configurations to meet your needs. From Lay Flat Bags, to 1 pound bags and anything custom in-between.

Child Resistant Bags
Child Resistant bags are a necessity due to state laws governing cannabis.
Child resistant pouches are the lowest cost cannabis packaging solution available. If you’re looking for a professional way to package your marijuana, edible, or other infused product, Honest will be your best choice.

Depending on your needs and preference, we offer custom printing both digitally and with the use of plates. While digitally printed bags come with several advantages, we sometimes advise clients to opt for plate printing depending on their needs. Majorly because plates offer the lowest per-bag price points. However, digital prints offer a more robust color count and are its best for short run usage. Whichever the case, we always have a support staff to walk you through the production process and help you identify which printing is best for your project.

No, avoid placing marijuana weed bag in a refrigerator. The temperature and humidity fluctuations are too much for cannabis or marijuana if you store it in the fridge or freezer. Freezing the bud makes it brittle and the THC-rich trichomes will break off, leaving you with weak weed.

Full Color
Various design possibilities with full color and gradation print without the limitation of colors.

Without Plates
Full color print is done in one process without using plates.

Quick Delivery
Color matching time is reduced. Using digital data makes easy and simply color matching and based on the original design the production can start right away. Analog printing requires time for color matching before starting production. In digital printing that time is not needed. It also reduces the process of cleaning the plates after printing.

Low Cost
Lower cost production is achieved by printing without plates and with less production processes.

Low MOQ is required for single production, and multiple designs can be produced at one time. Variable data printing and custom-made production is also possible.

High Added Value
The needs of the customers can now be quickly answered to, depending on their own hobbies or seasons.
In addition to the standard color prints, the UV inkjet printers allow glossy finish, texture print, and embossed effects which adds more value to the printed materials.

As a professional cannabis packaging bag manufacturer, Honest provides you with a variety of marijuana packaging solutions, from design to production, to solve all your problems.

We will produce any custom size marijuana packaging you want.  From brownies, to gummies, and everything in-between customize your packaging bag, custom print the packaging cannabis bag and custom size it.

Show off your high-quality flower with our versatile assortment of marijuana packaging bags. Store your bud and flower in style with custom weed bags packaging.

Single-use, or single dose cannabis products always need to balance the cost of the packaging with the quality of the marketing. With our very competitive prices, you can really have both great marketing, and control your packaging costs.

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