Biodegradable - PLA/Kraft/PLA

Recyclable-Rough Matte PE-EVOHPE

Recyclable - Rough Matte PE/EVOHPE
Feature: Sandpaper texture

MOPP-White Kraft Paper-VMPET-PE

MOPP/White Kraft Paper/VMPET/PE
Feature: Sense of luxury

Brown Kraft Paper-VMPET-PE

Brown Kraft Paper/VMPET/PE
Feature: Driectly Printed/Retro Feeling

Biodegradable-Brown Kraft Paper-PLA-PLA

Biodegradable - Brown Kraft Paper/PLA/PLA

Recyclable-Matte PE-EVOHPE

Recyclable - Matte PE/EVOHPE Feature: Hot Stamping/Special texture


Feature: Driectly Printed/Retro Feeling

Plastic-Spot Matte-PET-VMPET-PE

Plastic - Spot Matte/PET/VMPET/PE
Feature: Glossy/Matte/Metallic

Biodegradable-White Kraft Paper-PLA

Biodegradable - White Kraft Paper/PLA

Recyclable-Glossy PE-EVOHPE

Plastic-MOPP/VMPET/PE Feature: Matte/Special texture


Plastic - PET/AL/PE
Feature: Glossy/Metallic

If you have specific requirements for the material of your bag, contact us for production. If you don’t know what material to use, contact our team of experts to provide you with a one-stop solution.

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