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Custom Packaging Pouches & Bags

Custom Flexible Packaging Solution

Step 1 – Choose Bag Styles & Types

Choose the style of bag you want. Placement of the spout and hang holes can be altered.

Common Style & Type
Optional Features

Step 2 – Choose Bag Material

Common choices of bag material include clear, textured, aluminum, Kraft paper, etc.

Spout Pouches
Aluminum Foil Bags
Kraft Paper Bag
Vacuum Seal Bags

Step 3 – Contact Us

Step 1 - Choose Bag Styles & Types

Packaging Pouches & Bags style-Honest

Stand Up Pouches, Zipper Bags, Spout Pouches, 3 Side Sealed Bags, Back Side Sealed Bags, Side Gusset Bags, Special Shaped Bags, Flat Bottom Bags

Contact us to customize other bag types you need

Step 2 - Choose Bag Material

Spout Pouches

Aluminum Spout Pouch- Honest1

Aluminum Spout Pouch (Printed)

Gravure printing/CMYK printing

Bright colors, high color saturation, nice-looking & eye-catching

Aluminum Spout Pouch- Honest2

Aluminum Spout Pouch (No Printing)

Food-grade material, strong sealing & leak-proof

Portabvvdle; stand up on their own when filled & can be flattened for storage

Clear Spout Pouch- Honest

Clear Spout Pouch (Printing-Optional)

Easy to carry & classify whatever it is in the pouch

Odorless, BPA free, leak-proof, reusable, lightweight & durable

Kraft Paper Spout Pouch-Honest

Kraft Paper Spout Pouch (Printing-Optional)

Able to provide a natural feel to your packaging

Inside is lined with moisture-resistant materials to extend shelf life

Aluminum Foil Bags

Standard Aluminum Bag-Honest

Standard Aluminum Bag

Clear Poly-Silver Back-Honest

Clear Poly/Silver Back

Provide good moisture and oxygen barriers

Available in a wide range of sizes and types

The Clear Poly Front/Silver Back bag allows a peek at the products contained

Kraft Paper Bags

Standard Kraft Paper Bag-Honest

Standard Kraft Paper Bag

Windowed Kraft Paper Bag-Honest

Windowed Kraft Paper Bag

Clear Front Kraft Paper Bag-Honest

Clear Front Kraft Paper Bag

strong eco-friendly bags

Made of food-grade Kraft paper and plastic

Thickened bottom to increase the load-bearing capacity

With standard, windowed and clear options, you can see as little or as much of the items inside without compromising freshness



Food-grade material: PA/PE

Puncture resistant & high barrier

Standard Thickness: 50~200 microns



Extend the shelf life & flavor of the food contained

Prevent freezer burn, dehydration loss & eliminate waste



Clear/Glossy/Smooth Vacuum Bags: ideal for industrial vacuum sealers which employ a nozzle, or chamber

Textured/Embrossed/Channeled Vacuum Bags: designed for non-chamber machines

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