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Print shiny, full-color shrink sleeve labels that dramatically improve packaging and appearance at less cost than traditional labels, increase customer appeal, and differentiate your products—even using the same basic container, the product line will have Uniquely different! Honest Packaging offers a variety of shrink sleeve products, including Shrink Sleeve Labels (partial body), Full Body Shrink Sleeve Labels, Tamper-Evident Shrink Bands and Shrink Multipacks.


Custom printed shrink sleeve labels can be applied to a wide variety of products and packaging – regardless of size, shape or texture. With Honest’s digital printing services, you can effectively reduce the time to market of your products. Contact Honest Packaging today to find out what services we offer to help you meet your needs.

Up to 8-color digital process

High Gloss High Transmittance

Scuff Resistant, Water Resistant

High-impact Strength

Accommodates a variety of glass, plastic and metal container sizes

Ultimate Impact

CMYK, Pantone spot colors (PMS), Metallic colors, Fluorescents

Metallic Ink, Cold Foil, Die Cutting

Perforation (horizontal, vertical and T-pierce)

Printing: Digital, Flexo or Gravure

Material: PETG, PVC, OPS, PLA

Product By Features

Honest - Your Reliable Shrink Sleeve Label Supplier

If your product requires full body shrink sleeve packaging, then Honest will be your best choice.

Honest is one of the leading shrink sleeve label suppliers, we offer custom shrink sleeve labels in a variety of shapes, sizes, prints and will offer competitive prices based on your project.

Honest’s professional technical team can provide you with the best shrink sleeve packaging solution according to your project needs.

Honest Shrink Sleeve Label

Shrink sleeve labels can be applied to a variety of products and packaging – regardless of size or shape. This means that shrink sleeves provide a way to customize and protect your product, and for any of your products we have custom shrink sleeve packaging solutions for all your needs.

Digitally printed shrink sleeves and seamless full body shrink sleeve packaging provide shorter print times without compromising print quality, which allows you to customize your product decorations for special promotions, samples, multiple SKUs, serialization and localization. Digital printing has no plate-making costs and has unmatched print quality. Whether you only need ten full-length sleeves or thousands, digitally printed sleeves can help you maintain quality while reducing short-run printing costs.

When you need high volume printing, we have rotogravure and flexographic seamless full body print shrink wrap options. Both options provide the best print quality and vibrant colors for your product. Special effects can also add shelf appeal to your products, including metallic inks, matte finishes, and fluorescent inks.

Just send us your detailed project requirement, we will give you the best shrink sleeve label solution.

Our Process

Combining high print quality with low minimum order quantities, digital custom printed packaging is an excellent choice for many. Digital printing shines when lower quantities are needed. Another benefit of digital printing is its variable data capability. When each piece needs a unique code, name or address, digital is the only way to go. Whether you’re just starting out and want to get rid of labels, or running multiple varieties at once, going digital is a great option for you.

An alternative to rotogravure printing for custom packaging. Flexo, or flexography, is great for certain applications in printing. This method uses a flexographic plate rather than an engraved cylinders. We recommend this method when printing on paper.

Rotogravure printing is sometimes called reverse printing because it is printed on the reverse side of the polyester outer layer. Using high-speed, high-quality printing methods, rotogravure is the standard for flexible packaging printing.

Benefits of Custom Shrink Sleeve Label

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