The Common Printing Methods Honest Provide for You

Digital Printing

Digital printing technique skips the proofs, plates and rubber bed and applies a design directly to the printing surface, either with liquid ink or powdered toner.

Our digital printing service offers custom printing on the front, back and gusset panels of the bag. We can digitally print side gusset bags and stand-up pouches using matte foil, shiny foil, natural kraft and clear structures.​

MOQ: 500 bags

Delivery time: 5-10 days

Prepress cost: None

Color: CMYK+W
Honest Digital Printing-INDIGO20000
Honest Flexo Printing-HEIDELBERG Gallus

Flexo Printing

Flexo allows for clean, strong color saturation

adapts well to different materials and can use a wider range of inks, including water-based inks and UV inks. Because this type of printing holds up and is adaptable, it can be printed on almost any kind of substrate, like plastic, metal, and paper.

MOQ: 10,000 or more

Lead Time: 7-15 days (depending on order quantity) once design is confirmed and prepayment is received

Prepress fee: None

Color capacity: 14 colors

Rotogravure Printing

Available for all sizes and formats of flexible packaging. We recommend that you contact our team to collaborate on the size and prototype of your packaging to create the best fit for your product.

MOQ: 10,000 or more

Lead time: 10-20 days (depending on order quantity) once design is confirmed and advance payment is received

Prepress cost: $80-150 (depending on product size)/per color/printing cylinder

Color capability: CMYK+PANTONG (10-12 colors)
Honest Rotogravure Printing - BOBST RS3.0plus
Honest Offset Printing - 6 colors

Offset Printing

Works equally well on almost any kind of material. For high-volume printing, using offset printing can effectively help you reduce costs.

MOQ: 2000 or more

Delivery time: 7-12 days (depending on order quantity), after design confirmation and receipt of advance payment

Prepress cost: None

Color capacity: 8 colors

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