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Custom Tamper-Evident Shrink Wrap

All manufacturers of consumable products have a mandate to do everything in their power to assure consumers that they are buying safe, tamper proof, or tamper-evident products. The most efficient way to provide this assurance is by sealing lids and caps with tamper-proof shrink wrap or band.


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Product By Features

Custom Tamper Resistant Neck Strap for wine

Tamper Resistant Neck Strap can give your red wine tamper resistance and better appearance.

Custom Tamper Resistant Neck Strap for juice

Many juice beverages now use the Tamper Resistant Neck Strap to provide tamper proof proof.

Tamper Evident Shrink Bands for Bucket

Protect your products such as water, cosmetic, personal care products and more with the Tamper Resistant Neck Strap.

HONEST - Your Reliable Shrink Sleeve Label Supplier

Custom Shrink Sleeve Label Manufacturing

If your product requires Custom Tamper Resistant Neck Strap packaging, then Honest will be your best choice.

Custom Shrink Sleeve Label Manufacturing

Honest is one of the leading shrink sleeve label suppliers, we offer custom shrink labels in a variety of shapes, sizes, prints and will offer competitive prices based on your project.

Custom Shrink Sleeve Label Manufacturing

Honest’s professional technical team can provide you with the best shrink packaging solution according to your project needs.

Custom Shrink Sleeve Label Manufacturing

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Why Use Tamper Evident Shrink Bands


When tamper-proofing containers with caps, lids, and other closures, tamper-evident shrink wrap is the most cost-effective choice available. Companies around the world use tamper-proof shrink wrap to both save money and provide consumers with the assurance of a clean, professional, tamper-proof seal.

Product Security and Safety

Tamper-evident bands also provide the advantage of a secure and professional looking seal on the container. They protect products from leaks and spills.

Tamper Evidence

When purchasing products consumers look for the assurance of a safe and secure quality product, packaging appearance is their first impression. When a consumer purchases a product and the tamper-evident band is intact, he can rest assured that the product guarantee will compensate for any product issues over safety and security.

Professional Appearance

A tamper evident shrink band can provide a quality packaging seal without interfering with a clean, professional, product appearance. Additionally, these packaging bands are also easily removed so the consumer doesn’t have to fight with pocket knives or scissors to access the product.

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Custom Tamper-Evident Shrink Wrap

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