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As a leader in the flexible packaging industry, Honest Packaging is committed to providing you with the most suitable packaging solution, whether you need to choose paper packaging based on environmental protection requirements or product characteristics. Honest provides you with a variety of paper packaging products, such as paper bags, paper boxes, paper trays, etc. The shape, size, printing, etc. can be completely customized according to your needs.

All sizes can be customized according to your needs.

It depends on the size and material of your customized bag, you can communicate with our professional team to obtain the specific supported weight.

Yes, our custom kraft bags are made from recycled kraft paper.

When designing your kraft bags, you will be able to upload anything you would like, but it is not possible to print white ink. We recommend you use a logo, image or design with at least 300 DPI to get the best quality print. As a tip, single-color designs that cover the entire print area may result in slight blemishes. Also, darker colors look sharper on both paper options. Avoid light colors on brown kraft.

Our kraft paper bags are 0.5″ thick for normal size. Of course, you can also customize your bag’s thickness.

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