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Mylar bags are flat bags and stand up bags. Generally, it can be matched with windows, zip lock, suitable for Cannabis Food Packaging.

We have great advantages in terms of production and delivery time. We have four of our own factories, the monthly production volume is around 20 million, which are exported to countries all over the world.

We help you choose the best printing method for your custom mylar bags, gravure printing, flexo printing, digital printing and more, to customize an eye-catching packaging for your product.

Oxygen/Light/Moisture barrier

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Custom mylar bags can be used in various industries, and because they contain a layer of aluminum foil, it improves the freshness and anti-corruption performance of the product.


Lead Time: 10-15days

MOQ: 10000pcs

Gravure printing, Flexo printing, Digital printing, etc.

Material, Size: Customized to your needs

Custom Mylar Bags

Welcome to Custom Cannabis Mylar Bags—a high-quality packaging solution specifically designed to protect and showcase your cannabis products.

Honest’s Mylar bags are made from highly durable Mylar film, known for its excellent preservation and weather-resistant properties. It effectively protects cannabis products from light, odors, moisture, and contaminants, ensuring the freshness and quality of your products.

Custom Cannabis Mylar Bags can be tailored to your specific needs. From printing your brand’s logo and colors to choosing specific shapes and sizes suitable for your products, we offer countless customization options to make your products stand out in a competitive market.

Furthermore, to ensure compliance with all applicable cannabis packaging regulations, Mylar bags also come with a resealable zipper and a child-resistant mechanism that meets child safety standards. Whether you are a small-scale artisan cannabis producer or a large-scale cannabis retailer, Honest’s custom Mylar bags promise superior performance and enduring value.

Here, you can expect quality products, professional service, and solutions that cater to all your cannabis packaging needs. If you have any questions or require more information, feel free to get in touch with us. Honest Packaging look forward to partnering with you for success.

Mylar bag was originally derived from Smell proof bag. Mylar bag is generally suitable for Cannabis Food Packaging. From the change of materials, one side is transparent, one side is aluminum foil, and then through changes in printing process, so as to attract customers’ desire to buy.

Mylar bags provide an efficient and effective way to preserve long-term food products. Mylar bags are ideal for long-term food storage because they offer protection and storage for any food product by blocking out light while reducing the amount of oxygen and moisture that can enter the bag over time.

In its basic form, mylar is a clear material made from polyester resin. Mylar contains many desirable properties for emergency long-term food storage such as gas and moisture resistance, chemical stability, and high tensile strength.

1) Oxygen Protection
Regular plastic bags and Ziploc plastic bags in seeps oxygen back into food products and does not provide any light protection compared to Mylar Bags. Oxygen and sunlight can cause discolorations, loss of taste, compromise product freshness and allow insects to breed. Mylar Bags provides an effective oxygen barrier to help preserve your food longer while maintaining its freshness. The thicker the Mylar Bag, the lower the oxygen transmission rate.

2) Light Protection
Some types of food are more sensitive to light. When exposed to light, the temperature of the product can increase. Oil based products such as nuts, biscuits, crisps, and chocolate will be more vulnerable to rancidity and discolorations. Mylar Bags that are 4.0 and above can completely block out light. By keeping the light out, the product can stay cooler and reduce the risk of rancidity.

3) Odour
Most foods absorb odour, which affects the taste of food products and the viability of your food storage. Plastic and paper absorb Odour which can affect the quality of your food storage. Mylar bags are laminated to aluminum which creates an oxygen barrier that prevents contamination against odour and gases.

4) Moisture Protection
Moisture can destroy your food when in storage. Dampness created by moisture can cause mould, fungus, insects, and bacteria to thrive and negatively affect your food.
Mylar Bags are laminated in several layers with aluminum foil and are waterproof. Food stored in a properly sealed Mylar Bag would remain completely dry from any external water sources.

The two most commonly used sizes for storing food products are the one-gallon size Mylar bag (about 10” x 14”) and the five-gallon size (about 20” x 30”).

The gallon bags are ideal for grains, dried powdered foods (like powdered milk), spices, hard candy, salts, and other baking ingredients. In addition, gallon bags are useful for protecting valuables including ammo and medical supplies. When shopping for gallon sized bags, you should look for a minimum thickness of 3.5 to 4 mil.

The large, 5-gallon bags are typically used to line a 5 or 6-gallon plastic bucket. You will want to be sure to use food-grade buckets as well as food grade mylar foil. The bag is first placed in the bucket and then filled with the product. The bag is sealed before closing the bucket with a tight-fitting lid.

Dry pack pouches, metalized storage bags and Mylar have something in common- they are all alike! Don’t be confused when your seller refers to Mylar bags as such. All of these are made from the same Mylar material. Mylar is just one brand of polyester film, like Xerox is a brand of a copier machine.

Food, Coffee, Tea, Pet Treat, Powder, Dry herb, Gummy/candy, Snack, etc.

1 gram, 3.5 gram(The most commonly used capacity of custom cannabis mylar bags), 7 gram, 14 gram, 28 gram, Any other capacity you want

Custom mylar bag options:

Your logo or design

Matte, gloss, holographic, metallic

Rounded or sharp corner

No zipper, normal zipper, child proof zipper

Clear window


Please send us the details about your bag:

1. Bag style

2. Artwork, AI/PNG format prefered

3. Matte, gloss, holographic, metallic?

4. Size

5. Quantity of each design

6. Your Email address

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