Common bag types of food packaging bags

In the current market, all kinds of food packaging bags emerge endlessly, with a variety of patterns, beautiful and imaginative, so what are the specific types of food packaging bags? Now, honest packaging, a professional flexible packaging manufacturer, will share with you.

1. 3 side sealing bag

This is the most common type of food packaging bag. The three-side seal bag has two side seams and a top seam bag, and the bottom edge is formed by folding the film horizontally. The bags are available with or without a hem, and when they have a hem, they can stand upright on a shelf. A variant of the three-side sealed bag is to fold the original edge to form the bottom edge, which is realized by the method of bonding, so that it essentially becomes a four-side sealed bag.

2. Stand up bag

This kind of food packaging bag is also a common bag type in food packaging bags. It usually has a zipper for easy portability.

3. Back sealing bag

The back-sealed bag is also called the middle-sealed bag. Simply speaking, it is a packaging bag with edges sealed on the back of the bag body. The application range of the back-sealed bag is very wide. Generally, candy, bagged instant noodles, bagged dairy products, etc. use this kind of packaging bag.

4. Eight-side sealing bag

Developed on the basis of stand-up bags, the bottom is square and can be upright, and the container display effect is particularly beautiful. This type of bag has a three-dimensional sense, and can stand on the shelf independently, which is convenient for sale and storage and consumption by consumers. There are three planes on the side and bottom for color printing food packaging bags must print information, there are more places to advertise and beautify on the front and side, which is conducive to promoting the brand and attracting consumers’ attention.

5. Spout bag

The suction spout bag is composed of a spout and a stand-up bag, the stand-up bag is composed of composite materials, and the spout is a bottle mouth made of plastic. It is the first choice for packaging liquid, powder and other products, such as juice, beverage, milk, soy milk, soy sauce, etc. This bag-type food packaging bag facilitates the transportation and storage of food.

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