Purchasing Requirements for Dried Fruit and Roasted Seeds and Nuts Food Packaging Bags

At present, the scale of roasted seeds and nuts food enterprises varies greatly, and the quality of products varies. One of the main quality problems is excessive peroxide value. The peroxide value index reflects the rancidity of the oils and fats in roasted seeds and seeds, and is the main hygienic indicator of roasted seeds and nuts. Too high a peroxidation value of fats will not only lead to the deterioration of the food flavor, but also cause gastrointestinal discomfort to the human body.

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Nut roasted seeds and nuts is a traditional snack food with a long history. Due to its special nutritional and health care functions and the popular characteristics of low price and high quality, it has been passed down for thousands of years. In recent years, with the economic development and the improvement of people’s living standards, many consumers have included roasted nuts and seeds and seeds in their daily consumption patterns and leisure tastes, so that the consumption of such foods has grown rapidly.

While the roasted nuts market continues to expand, the entire industry is also faced with an old problem of product quality – product oxidative rancidity. Nuts roasted seeds and seeds are rich in oil and high in unsaturated fatty acids, and it is easy to cause product oxidative rancidity due to excessive peroxide value in the process of circulation and sales, and because product oxidation is an irreversible reaction, once a problem occurs, it will mean that the product will become rancid. It will bring harm to the health of consumers and waste a large amount of products, and at the same time cause a major blow to the company’s brand and reputation.

Therefore, the packaging protection of roasted nuts and seeds and seeds has become an important issue in food packaging. A key requirement for this type of food packaging is to prevent oxidative rancidity of the oil. In view of the oxidative rancidity mechanism of grease, Honest has developed and produced multi-layer co-extruded high-barrier vacuum packaging. , PET) are co-extruded at one time by physical methods. Multi-layer co-extrusion high barrier packaging has the characteristics of no pollution, high barrier, strong function, low cost, high strength, puncture resistance and so on. High-barrier co-extrusion vacuum packaging has excellent performance, and has excellent barrier performance to oxygen. It can effectively prevent the oxidative rancidity of oil, and maintain the safety and unique flavor of nut and roasted seeds and nuts. The shelf life and shelf life of the company are improved, and the economic benefits of the enterprise are improved. At the same time, the seven-layer co-extrusion high-barrier vacuum packaging is essentially different from the traditional dry composite packaging: the dry composite packaging is composed of two materials with an adhesive containing benzene, esters and other harmful substances, which are easy to penetrate and migrate out. Direct contact with food, resulting in food contamination; seven-layer co-extrusion high-barrier packaging does not use adhesives, does not contain harmful substances such as benzene, esters, etc., so there is no residual solvent pollution problem, ensuring food safety.

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From the raw materials, processing characteristics and industry status of roasted seeds and nuts, the antioxidant and fresh-keeping of roasted seeds and seeds is a difficult problem for most roasted seeds and nuts enterprises to overcome, which also shows that there is an urgent market demand. A series of products such as special anti-oxidants for roasted seeds and seeds (in addition to the anti-oxidation function, it also has the functions of increasing the penetration of seasoning liquid, color protection, etc.), TBHQ, special deoxidizer for roasted seeds and seeds, etc., so as to solve the problem of excessive peroxide value of roasted seeds and seeds, and realize product production Not subject to seasonal restrictions, realizing cross-regional and long-distance sales will break through the bottleneck for roasted seeds and nuts enterprises and usher in another spring of development.

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