Plastic Flexible Packaging – Biodegradable, Degradable, Non-Degradable

In order to meet the needs, people have exhausted various methods to prevent or delay the degradation of certain materials; at the same time, people have come up with various methods to cause or accelerate the degradation of certain materials. Among the materials belonging to the latter are plastic flexible packaging materials.

So far, according to the definition of degradation, plastic flexible packaging materials in the world are basically divided into three types:
1. Biodegradable;
2. Degradable;
3. Non-degradable.
On the basis of these three basic concepts, it can be subdivided according to the different chemical components. Of course, some people divide it into fully degradable packaging materials, partially degradable packaging materials, and refractory packaging materials according to different definitions.

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Biodegradable  materials

If a certain packaging material can turn into carbon dioxide and water under certain realistic conditions, and this material meets most international standards and national standards, it can be called a biodegradable material. The so-called certain actual conditions refer to temperature, humidity, microorganisms and other conditions. At present, the practical biodegradable packaging materials include polylactic acid, starch-polyester blend, polyester-polylactic acid blend, and polyester. Also known as compostable packaging material.

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Degradable materials

If a material is decomposed into basic elements under certain conditions and meets most international and national standards, it is a degradable material. There is debate about the difference between degradable and biodegradable materials, since they all share the commonality of releasing carbon dioxide and water. For some degradable materials, the only reason for not meeting the biodegradation criteria is the longer degradation time. The other most different is that strong heat, humidity, or ultraviolet radiation are often the main triggers that trigger the degradation of degradable materials; while biodegradable materials are microbes. Typically, LDPE/HDPE-oxidizer blends.

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Non-degradable materials

Although non-degradable packaging materials can break into pieces, they will not break down into basic elements and will not change their chemical composition. For example, put a small amount of starch in a discarded polyethylene bag, and the end result is that the bag shatters when exposed to moisture. But the polyethylene molecules did not change, just like cutting the bag with scissors. Common ones are LDPE/HDPE, LDPE-starch blends.

The above are the current plastic flexible packaging materials, contact us to customize recyclable bags printed with your brand logo.

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