Introduction and Classification of Stand-Up Pouches

The stand-up pouch is a relatively novel form of packaging, which has advantages in improving product quality, strengthening the visual effect of shelves, portability, ease of use, preservation and sealability. The stand-up pouch is made of PET/foil/PET/PE structure laminated, and can also have 2 layers, 3 layers and other materials of other specifications. It depends on the different products of the package. The oxygen barrier protective layer can be added as needed to reduce the oxygen permeability. , extending the shelf life of the product. Stand-up pouch packaging is mainly used in fruit juice drinks, sports drinks, bottled drinking water, absorbable jelly, condiments and other products. In addition to the food industry, the application of some washing products, daily cosmetics, medical supplies and other products has gradually increased.

So far, stand-up bags are basically divided into the following five types:

1. Ordinary stand-up pouch:

The common form of stand-up pouch adopts the form of four-sealed edges, which cannot be re-closed and repeatedly opened. This kind of stand-up pouch is generally used in the industrial supplies industry.

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2. Stand-up spout pouch:

The stand-up bag with suction nozzle is more convenient to dump or absorb the contents, and at the same time, it can be re-closed and re-opened. This kind of stand-up pouch is generally used in the packaging of daily necessities, and is used to hold liquid, colloidal and semi-solid products such as beverages, shower gels, shampoos, ketchup, edible oils, and jelly.

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3. Zipper stand-up pouch:

The stand-up pouch with zipper can also be re-closed and re-opened. Since the zipper form is not closed and the sealing strength is limited, this form is not suitable for encapsulating liquids and volatile substances. According to the different edge sealing methods, it is divided into four edge sealing and three edge sealing. Four edge sealing means that the product packaging has a layer of ordinary edge sealing in addition to the zipper seal when it leaves the factory. The zipper is then used to achieve repeated sealing and opening, which solves the disadvantage that the zipper edge sealing strength is small and is not conducive to transportation. The three-sealed edge is directly sealed with a zipper edge, which is generally used to hold lightweight products. Self-supporting pouches with zippers are generally used to package some light solids, such as candy, biscuits, jelly, etc., but four-sided self-supporting pouches can also be used to package heavier products such as rice and cat litter.

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4. Imitation mouth stand-up pouch:

Imitation mouth stand-up pouch combines the convenience of a stand-up pouch with a suction nozzle and the cheapness of an ordinary stand-up pouch. That is, the function of the suction nozzle is realized by the shape of the bag body itself. However, the mouth-shaped stand-up pouch cannot be re-sealed. Therefore, it is generally used in the packaging of single-use liquid, colloidal and semi-solid products such as beverages and jelly.

1- Custom Shaped Pouches for Ketchup Liquid (2)


5. Special-shaped stand-up pouches:

That is, new stand-up pouches of various shapes produced by changing on the basis of traditional bag types according to packaging needs, such as waist design, bottom deformation design, handle design, etc. It is the main direction of the value-added development of stand-up pouches at present.

Custom Shaped Pouch - Honest Design

With the progress of society and the improvement of people’s aesthetic level and the intensification of competition in various industries, the design and printing of stand-up bags have become more and more colorful, and their forms are more and more. The development of special-shaped stand-up bags has gradually replaced the status of traditional stand-up bags. the trend of.

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