Aluminum Coating Thickness of Vacuum Aluminized Packaging

Barrier properties of vacuum aluminum plating with different aluminum thicknesses:

ProjectBasement MembraneAluminum Layer Thickness
Water Vapor Transmission Rate/[g/(m2·24h)]PET(12μm)
Oxygen Transmission Rate/[mL/(m2·24h·atm)]PET(12μm)1204517633


Features of vacuum aluminized film:

1. It has metallic luster and strong decorative properties, but it does not have the shortcomings of low strength and inflexibility of aluminum foil, and the barrier property does not decrease after repeated flexing.

2. Greatly improve the barrier property of plastic film, with excellent oxygen barrier, water barrier, light barrier, UV and infrared protection.

3. After aluminizing, the physical properties of the substrate are still maintained. Of course, the physical and mechanical properties of many base films have changed a lot after aluminized.

4. When the thickness of aluminum plating reaches a certain level, the film substrate has electromagnetic shielding properties.

5. The aluminized layer is not resistant to water, especially hot water and water vapor.

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